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Transportation Options for Festival of Rumi

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi

We appreciate that your heart has been drawn to our Festival of Rumi. We try with grace to get you to and from the airport ourselves but sometimes it is not a reasonable option, given the nature of the Festival.

For those of you flying into Kansas City International Airport, there are several options.

One is a two-step process that has you catching a shared shuttle from the airport to a Downtown or Plaza Hotel. KC hotels are used to the arrival of quickly departing passengers and the skycaps are generally pretty helpful if you get confused.
Once there, you contact your host or call Uber to come get you and take you to your housing arrangements.

Super Shuttle to Downtown/Plaza Hotels
The Super Shuttle service is a pretty painless way to get to where you need to be picked up.

The website is a wealth of information but here is the thumbnail.

There are basically three types of shuttles:

  • Downtown Hotels destinations are $18 one-way or $31 round trip. This is a good option for those staying at the nearby Jersusalem Farm. The Saturday afternoon and evening events are at the church which is Downtown at 13th and Holmes.
  • Plaza Residential is non-stop riding sharing service and passengers pool money to pay the drive the flat fee, amount based on number of passengers, Call them at 800.258.3826 to gain better understanding.
  • Plaza Hotels is $19 one-way or $33 round trip

    The Plaza is close to the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning events as well as the Sunday restaurant.

    Reservations are best done online but you can also call them at 800.258.3826.

    IMPORTANT ADVICE: When you are arranging with Uber to get to the Jerusalem Farm, enter a Crossroads destination, The Peanut, on your phone. Give them the correct address when they arrive. Drivers only want to stay within the Entertainment districts.