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Hazrat Inayat Khan

Heartsong Spring Renewal Retreat in Nature
April 12-14

Led by Khabir Kitz and Khusrou Keltner

Join us in this SPRING RENEWAL Retreat for Meditation, Dances, Zikr, Sweat Lodge, and Walks
in the Beauty of the Ozarks Wilderness at Heartsong Retreat Center!

Details at or contact Malika at

Link for Event Flyer

Heartsong Retreat Center in Deer, Arkansas
Mailing address:  HC 62 Box 830
  Deer, AR 72628

    Here's how to get to Heartsong :
  1. From 412 East take 21 going South
  2. Continue South on 21 until JCT 16/21 called "Edward's Junction"
  3. Turn RIGHT at Edward's Junction
  4. Go 3.6 miles to three mailboxes and a Stop Sign on a dirt road to the right
  5. Take this hard RIGHT turn and continue 0.8 miles to Heartsong Drive where you turn LEFT
  6. Continue 0.4 miles til the Heartsong Shrine Building appears on left.
  7. Continue another 0.1 mile for parking on a wide grassy field.